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Are You Wasting your Money on l-arginine Supplements?

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Are You Wasting your Money on l-arginine Supplements as many supplement makers cut corners and are ineffective in regards to your vascular health. Caveat Emptor, do your research and read the label.

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After the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in 1998 for the discoveries concerning Nitric Oxide’s effect on the cardiovascular system and its positive influence on cardiovascular health many companies introduced L-arginine supplements to market. Many of these products “promise” to deliver Nitric Oxide, but are by and large scientifically questionable attempts without accurately applying the Nobel Prize winning discoveries.

L-arginine supplements that don’t also contain L-citrulline and antioxidants, (most do not) are missing a major piece of the potential of Nitric Oxide’s ability to improve cardiovascular health and the chance at a longer and healthier life.

According to 1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Dr Louis J. Ignarro, who prescribes 4-6 grams of L-arginine (few products on the market contain this amount) a day that have been rigorously proven in the laboratory to boost Nitric Oxide… considerably producing maximum cardiovascular health benefits. Dr. Ignarro points out that his research shows that L-arginge in smaller doses produces almost zero increase in Nitric Oxide making it basically an “all or nothing” proposition, stating you must receive the full dose of L-arginine.

Dr. Ignarro says that besides insufficient doses of L-arginine, other products completely miss the point “it is the synergy between L-arginine (in a large enough dose), the L-citrilline(in a large enough dose) and the key antioxidants that creates dramatic increases in your body’s nitric oxide production. Without the proper combination of these ingredients which many other programs lack,  you will receive little or no benefit from Nitric Oxide therapy.”


Stop wasting your money on ineffective L-Arginine Supplements. Start on the road to a healthy cardiovascular system today!





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