Reasons to do a Cleanse.


As you do, I wash my hands many times a day to remove dirt so it only makes sense the reasons to do a cleanse or to detox the inside of my body periodically to help remove unprocessed food material, fiber, environmental pollutants and other debris.

Like most of us you regularly bathe and wash your hands to remove dirt, food residue and potential bacteria. You use  soap, water and scrub your body regularly to remove dead skin cells, sweat, bacteria and dirt.

Here’s how life can get better and Why You Should do a cleanse to detox the inside of your body!


  • Helps remove waste/debris and toxic chemicals (preservatives, artificial colors, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) from the colon and other body cells.
  • Improves digestion (removal of putrid material associated with gas, body odor, etc.)
  • Helps tune up the intestinal system, which has a tendency to get sluggish without proper fiber and water.
  • Typically increases energy levels.
  • May increase nutrient absorption.
  • Increase efficiency of body systems and functions.


More energy and less sluggishness sounds great to me! I’ll bet it does to you too!

“Death begins in the colon.” Different sources attribute this quote to The Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain, Dr. Bernard Jensen and to Elie Metchnikoff, a Russian Nobel Prize-winning biologist.

Consider these sources of toxic chemicals and fumes you may come in contact with.


  • Household products, including cleansers, bleaches, ammonia cleaners, and “air fresheners” that contain powerful chemicals.
  • Personal care products often contain unsafe compounds. These include some lotions, make-up, nail polish, shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash, hair spray, etc.
  • Your lawn. Putting pesticides or herbicides on your lawn can make it healthier and nicer-looking. But the treatments that kill bugs and weeds can harm your cells too.
  • Your work environment. This can include fumes from gasoline, diesel fuel, paint, thinners, industrial cleaners and such, along with seemingly harmless gases from new carpeting, furniture, etc.


It only makes sense to clean the inside of your body periodically to help remove unprocessed food material, fiber, environmental pollutants and other debris, and to expel these same items that may be stashed in cells throughout your body. This can be achieved using herbs and nutrients that strengthen the body’s regular cleansing processes and help remove or neutralize toxins.

To Maintain a Toxin-Free Body, Try to Avoid These:


  • Artificial chemicals, including colorings, flavorings and preservatives
  • Medicines such as hormones, acid blockers and antibiotics
  • Polluted environments (air, water, strong chemicals and fumes, etc.)


Our bodies are designed to crave sweets, preferably in the form of naturally sweet fruits, which are bursting with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But unfortunately, you can also find yourself craving sweets that aren’t as beneficial to you, such as sodas, candy bars, and baked goods.

The more often you give in to the urge for these refined-sugar treats, the more often you will crave them, perpetuating an endless cycle of sugar cravings and energy crashes.

As you adjust to this lifestyle, you may find it helpful to limit your sugar consumption for a week or two in order to re acclimate your taste buds and squash your refined-sugar cravings for good.

To make the transition easier, enjoy a fruit-based smoothie or a bowl of Banana Soft Serve for a naturally sweetened treat.

So you know Why You Should do a cleanse to detox the inside of your body, but how often should you do a cleanse.

You Should do a cleanse to detox your body two to four times a year is great for your intestinal system and promotes good health, energy and focus.

As the start of a new health or exercise program, or during active weight loss is an ideal time to cleanse and detoxify. As your body burns up fat, it releases more stored toxins, which need to be removed before they get back into your bloodstream.


This information is intended to provide helpful educational and informative material. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problem or condition or is it intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician or qualified healthcare professional on any matters regarding your health.

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