Weight Management

Weight Management – It’s about achieving a healthy weight through optimal nutrition.

For so many people, weight loss is an overwhelming process that includes starvation, feeling unhappy and tired, and ultimately, gaining back what was once lost.

From delicious meal replacement shakes and metabolic boosters to products designed to curb hunger and support healthy blood sugar levels, this comprehensive, personalized program isn’t about weight loss.  Create a habit of health with Nature’s Sunshine and get on the path to lasting health and wellness today.



A key component to healthful weight loss and successful weight management is providing your body with plenty of quality protein. Our meal replacement shakes do just that and they do it with delicious flavor and balanced nutrition! Get 13 to 25 grams of pure, high-quality protein in each serving. Choose from whey, soy and pea protein in a variety of flavors, including vegan options.

We have numerous unique formulas to give you more choices than any other company.


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