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VS-C® TCM Conc


VS-C® TCM Conc
Chinese herbalists would describe as “metal enhancing." Healthy lungs and unimpeded air flow make for an optimal metal constitution. This formula contains the same herbs found in VS-C but in a highly concentrated blend.
















Supports the immune system.









Immune Stimulator


Immune Stimulator
Supports the immune system.
Stimulates the activity of macrophages, T-cells and natural killer cells.
Acts as an antioxidant.










Vitamin C Citrus Bioflavonoids


Vitamin C Citrus Bioflavonoids
Supports the immune system.
Protects against free radical damage.
Aids in collagen production.
Provides 500 mg vitamin C per tablet.











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Centering and comforting with mood-elevating aspects
Useful in meditation and prayer
Certified Organic












Dilute with carrier oil and apply to neck and chest
Is useful during the changing seasons
Organically grown










Tea Tree


Tea Tree, melaleuca
Invigorates and restores
Can be used topically for cleansing








Breathe Deep Essential Oil blend


breathe deep essential oil blend
Diffuse at night to soothe and relax
Dilute with Carrier or Massage Oil and apply to chest









Essential Shield blend


EssentialShield essentialoilblend
Provides soothing and penetrating properties
Is useful during the changing seasons


















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