Chinese Herbal Medicine

For thousands of years, people have turned to Chinese herbal therapy for additional support for a variety of body systems, including circulation, digestion, respiration, and more. Our Chinese herbal blends contain only the finest ingredients, tested for purity and potency by us before they are released. Choose from regular herbal blends to highly concentrated TCM formulas.

Chinese Negative Pack

Enhance your yin (negative) energy with Chinese herbal formulas. This pack contains seven Chinese formulas.
Chinese Negative Pack TCM

Chinese Positive Pack

Chinese Positive Pack TCM
Chinese Positive Pack TCM Enhance your yang (positive) energy with Chinese herbal formulas. This pack contains seven Chinese formulas.

Stress Relief

Concentrated extract of oyster shell, albizzia bark, polygonatum rhizome, haliotis shell, fushen sclerotium with root, acorus rhizome, curcuma root tuber, ginseng root, jujuba seed, polygala root, coptis rhizome, cinnamon twig, ginger rhizome and licorice root.
Our concentrated Stress Relief Chinese herbal formula supports emotional balance, circulatory health and may help optimize gastric function.

Nervous Fatigue

nervous fatigue
Nervous Fatigue TCM is a concentrated Chinese herb blend that helps quell stress, promotes feelings of well-being, supports digestion and promotes sleep.

Anti-Gas TCM

Anti-Gas TCM Concentrate,Chinese medicine
This highly concentrated Anti-Gas blend contains selected Chinese herbs that aid in digestion and assist in detoxification.

Spleen Activator

Spleen Activator TCM Concentrate
Support digestion, circulation and immunity with this unique, concentrated blend of Chinese herbs.

Blood Stimulator

BloodStimulatorTCM BloodStimulator
Our blood stimulating herbal concentrate contains 18 Chinese herbs that support blood, liver, glands and circulation.

Breathe Activator

BreatheActivator TCM BreatheActivatorTCM
Want to improve lung health? This highly concentrated Chinese herbal formula helps remove toxins from the lungs and supports healthy respiratory function.

Liver Balance

LiverBalance TCM
Liver Balance TCM is a highly concentrated blend of Chinese herbs that support both the digestive and nervous systems while optimizing liver health. It also helps the body deal with stress and may improve well-being.


This concentrated formula contains specially selected Chinese herbs that strengthen the urinary and structural systems. KB-C TCM nourishes the kidneys and may help to strengthen the bones.

Kidney Activator

KidneyActivator TCM
Kidney Activator TCM is a concentrated version of our Kidney Activator Chinese formula, designed to promote kidney function and help clear retained water from the body, which may positively affect joints.

Lung Support

LungSupport TCM
Lung Support TCM is a concentrated Chinese herbal formula that supports the lungs and sinuses and offers additional benefits to the circulatory and urinary systems.

This information is intended to provide helpful educational and informative material. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problem or condition or is it intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician or qualified healthcare professional on any matters regarding your health.