Essential Oil Blends A-K

Our 100% natural essential oil blends offer unique health benefits which help to invigorate the mind and body.


Our aromatic oils are ideal for rubbing on your skin and can also be used in essential oil diffusers and humidifiers. Through aromatherapy, these essential oil blends are ideal for helping to reduce stress, aid in weight loss, improve skin, and much more.

We carry over 30 single and essential oil blends. Our all natural essential oils are created with the highest standards to ensure you enjoy the full theraputic benefits associated with healing oils.

And, like when we began offering oils, we continue to guarantee our oils are 100% authentic.

Not All Essential Oils are the same, details on Our Authentic Oils SureSource Guarantee 

Get Quality, Get Results!


You’ll find more information including: essential oil recipes, essential oil infographics, and dozens of articles about essential oils on our Essential Oils Resources page.
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