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Can’t I get the vitamins from food not supplements?

I am sure I am not alone in wondering why can’t I get the vitamins from food not supplements, after all other people managed to live just fine for centuries before vitamins and other nutritional supplements even existed.


Times have changed from those centuries most of the people raised their own food, but in modern times most of us get our food from a grocery store.


While it is always best when possible to get your vitamins from food, but if you are like most of us that get your food from a grocery store, you are not likely getting the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of vitamins and minerals.


Many of the popular foods today are lacking the proper vitamins and nutrients our bodies need due to all the processing and chemicals that are used to keep them “fresh” longer and fight against bacteria and diseases. Even “fresh” fruits and vegetables are picked green and don’t contain the vitamins and minerals they should.


Our lifestyles have also changed over the years which has affected our eating habits. Homemade meals have been replaced with fast food and processed foods.


Instead of snacking on fruits and nuts we are gorging ourselves on chips, french fries, candy and energy drinks that are loaded with ingredients most of us can’t begin to pronounce.


While the people in the U.S. are probably the most overfed, they are also probably the most malnourished in the world. It’s speculated that about ½ the people in the U.S. are not getting there RDA of vitamins and minerals.


Vitamins are essential to life.  The more artificial preservatives and additives in our “food”, the more vitamins and minerals are needed to fight the harmful effects.


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