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Are you paying for Nutritional supplements that contain Cheap Fillers?

nutritional supplements, nature's sunshine

Not all Nutritional  supplements are the same, many contain cheap fillers instead of what they claim on the packaging.

 nutritional supplements, nature's sunshine

It was reported recently, that the FDA found that the majority of herbal supplements at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens and Target didn’t contain what they claimed to contain in the packaging.


If you are an adult shouldn’t you know that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is? As we say in the real estate business, caveat emptor “let the buyer beware”.

If somebody comes along offering what they claim is a “comparable” product for considerable less (no matter if its cars, homes or vitamin supplements) that something isn’t right.


If you buy exclusively by price, sooner or later somebody else is going to find a way to cut corners and offer a product that “appears” to be comparable but isn’t even in the same league.


I believe there are many companies that offer high quality supplements out there but I have to admit I have from time to time made “emergency” runs to Walmart to get vitamins when I forgot to reorder my “Real” vitamins and each time I could tell they were not the same, I probably could have gotten more vitamins and minerals had I just swallowed a rock.

 When I forget to take Super Supplemental or Solstic Cardio, I can tell the difference. If I don’t take Solstic Energy before a workout or a hike, I can tell the difference.

I choose to get all my nutritional supplements from Natures Sunshine where I have access to a selection of over 600 high quality supplements all available to me at wholesale prices with my free membership.


But more importantly, Nature’s Sunshine’s extensive line of high-quality supplements are not only scientifically researched, but put through some of the most rigorous testing available today. 


As herbal pioneers, Nature’s Sunshine has been in the business of helping people live with optimal wellness since 1972.  Nature’s Sunshine’s strict standards adhered to from harvesting through manufacturing and testing.

Quality (Manufacturing Plant): See an in-depth look at NSP’s quality process:

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